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Welcome to the InspiraProject, a project of Joseph Smith Academy. History is comprised of two dimensions, time and space. Imagine learning history using both dimensions and all the good media sources on the Internet at your disposal! We live in an age of information overload. The Internet is filled with information, some is critical to understand, most is not essential and the balance is very destructive. Of the critical information, that which is most often overlooked is the inspiring and sacred. Every concerned parent feels an anxiety and responsibility for the proper education of children in the home. Joseph Smith Academy has a team of individuals dedicated to finding and organizing uplifting materials from across the world and then making these materials available to families in their own home using the latest Internet technologies. These technologies include:


Timeline - InspiraTimz
Timelines can help us organize important information in our minds. They can also be used as a reference. This site uses sophisticated timeline software to permit browsing centuries of events in viewing the history of the earth in ways impossible just a few years ago.
Audio - InspiraAudio
Time is precious--and what better way to use every second than audiobooks? A few moments here and there--driving in the car, exercising, cleaning the house--can add up to life changing learning. InspiraAudio is pleased to offer you free audio selections, covering a variety of subjects from historical documents to literature--books and documents everyone should be familiar with. Every audio download we offer has been personally selected and contains principles critical to understand in these deceptive times. Turning on an audio book can change your life, refining the way you think and bringing a new view of the world. We hope you enjoy your learning adventure!
Maps - InspiraMaps
Never before has it been possible to tour the globe and move to any location in the world with a few simple clicks. This site employs the Google Maps API to bring you images of the surface of the entire earth. Joseph Smith Academy takes you to the most important historical sites in the world and gives you the history behind those locations.
Wikis - InspiraWiki
Many people are familiar with the open source Wikipedia site. Joseph Smith Academy uses the same MediaWiki software used by Wikipedia but with the added focus on providential history and inspiring and non-trivial information. Additionally, this site's InspiraWiki brings you audio books, e-books, video clips, flash animations and other rich media content from locations across the Internet. The focuses on crucial stories and information as opposed to trivial facts.
Ages - InspiraAgez
Nothing like it in the world--that is how our new InspiraAgez timeline has been described. Titled “History of the Age of the Earth: With Emphasis on the Patriarchs, Prophets and the House of Israel,” this new timeline brings together historical and sacred revelations with all the dates for the House of Israel, including documented life spans. In addition to the Biblical record, this timeline includes key figures and nobility through the dark ages and up through the founding of our nation and the restoration of the gospel. Even significant astronomical events are noted. Prepared in the latest flash viewer format, you’ll love this tool which brings together people and events visually, along with scriptures and words of prophets testifying to their importance. Nothing like it in the world--take a look, and we think you’ll agree. Enjoy and share with friends!
Informed parents are looking for products to support the education of their children in the providential history and learning of the ages. Joseph Smith Academy carries educational products which inspire both youth and adults to greatness.
The Internet contains endless "scholarship". In the world today there is no shortage of information. In all of this knowledge the indispensable wisdom of the ages is often lost. The Joseph Smith Forum Paperz Project seeks to find scholarship that ALSO includes faith.
We have searched the Internet for many of the available electronic books that are of priceless value to latter-day saints. All e-books can be found using the search or by viewing any of the categories or authors below. The contents of each book can also be searched inside the e-book reader. We hope this tool will be of value to those interested in gospel scholarship. The E-bookz project has also been integrated with the Inspira Project which includes interactive timelines, maps, wikis, faqs, articles and so forth.
The Joseph Smith Forum FAQs are a compilation of prophets statements and scripture on some of the most vital questions of our day. The compilation seeks to let the Lord speak through His prophets without opinion and conjecture. Pure scripture and revelation as opposed to the philosophies of men mingled with scripture.
The Internet contains millions of documents. In the world today there is no shortage of information. In all of this knowledge the indispensable wisdom of the ages is often lost. The Joseph Smith Forum Docz Project will contain the most fundamental and critical documents that every Christian can and should study.
ZionVision is an organization dedicated to finding and organizing uplifting materials from across the Internet and then making these materials available to families in their own home using the latest technology available. This is the inspiration behind ZionTube, a collection of the best known videos from YouTube and Vimeo, organized by category and made searchable from one site.
Movie Review Blog
The ZionVision Movie Review blog is an online critique of the very best known videos ever produced. "Best" here means productions of such moral quality as to contribute to the character of individuals and families. President David O. McKay taught that what we do in our free time reveals and fashions who we really are. It is well known that video productions are more powerful and leave greater lasting impressions than any other source excepting life experience. The combination of the senses, sight and sound, with music, images, voice, etc. all carefully combined is more powerful than many understand. How much care do we take in our selection of what we watch? It is hoped that the ZionVision Movie Review blog will help change the way latter-day saints view movies.
Joseph Smith Papers
The Joseph Smith Papers Project is tied into the InspiraProject timelines and maps so you can study Church history with instant access to Joseph Smith's personal papers.
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