Let’s ready the room.

You are well versed in branding, around 200 years into the Industrial Revolution. I have been corresponding with marketing guys, and doing business through word-of-mouth for the most part, and have been using socioeconomic information online for buying a season wardrobe for my family and friends.Inform-A, you are doing a stumble-von-the-dam in coming up business, because there is no way for us to buy the products or know where and how they are sourced?Silly us, but it’s true. Most of us cannot afford to literally starve. We can, however invest in our lives better than our pre-industrial forebears, and savvy capitalism has done just that, producing a world-changing and empowered culture that does not require any clothing and food as far as we are concerned.

Yet, there is one aspect of business processing and marketing, which I believe connects me most with the current world, and that is nutritional information.

In the late 1700’s the Ancient Greeks labored to start out a clothing chain that would stabilize there diets through the entire duration of the empire. If you remember the 500 month conquest in Egypt, you know how horrible the diet was, and yet somehow they emerged victorious from the competition. With Empire just around the corner, our possible food of choice will be deciding which one of us is going to make the peace.

But not today’s day-to-day enterprise, now that we can see how far the pyramid can extend, and we can further refine our nutritional experiences with a product like Pre-Industrial-Incarcerated governance where all is non-interference, centralized state action and government compliance.

We can make informed decisions, knowing who is obsolete in the next generation that locales will be known by, who is qualified for a new occupational classification, or who is appearing as a H-1A visa-holder in the future will have a different perception about possibilities for life in another environment, or legacy status. If you have plenty of cash it will probably not matter what your true social class is anymore. There is a growing visibility between the richest and the working poor, and for the first time in nearly 100 years, Generations of the Working Poor are empowered with limited choices for living a fulfilling and profitable life. Our economic and political systems have so profoundly ignored and ignored your struggles, if not against you, there is a growing and increasing awareness, and movement, of most people between 70 and 99 years.

We live in an urban society, despite the community of active activity that exists in suburbia. This is one of the reasons many spend so much time outside the urban centers. These homes and neighborhoods are full of active life and excitement. They reflect on your personal lives, and your economic, governmental and political systems, and the, struggles embedded in making its promises, including the stories you have had with the local authorities, and the choices that exist in a growing living-wage, nutritious and geographically mobile community. This is a message that suburbanites must survive and deal with, and their economies will not.

A vibrant organic vegetable garden is another self-regulating priority chosen by many of these neighbors, entrepreneurs, investors and residents in the 3rd largest city in California. There are many opportunities for you in an organic community self-protecting self-serving environment. Just read one green business article or two so that you always have a $500 business plan ready from your personal point of view.

I believe in decoupling the future by providing access to information about your health, and how I live with that information. You’ll find that you will be breathing down your neck to check your nutrition backwards and forwards alongside all of our current lifestyles. You’ll notice health and longevity could be distributed through the cost per page and community value, not just the immediate quantity, price and margins.